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Comment from : americancasinoguide

You are frickin nuts to believe you can beat the filthy cheating machines. Lmao. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Shawney32123

richard bello
Slot machines are rigged 🧐
Comment from : richard bello

Rick Parker
Industry vs. Emotion.

Comment from : Rick Parker

Carl Wakeling
Comment from : Carl Wakeling

His Will
The less you bet the more you win when you loose.....
Comment from : His Will

Diego General
Use a magnet to cheat
Comment from : Diego General

So when the machine doesn’t work on “ ok I fucked enough people today” you are the winner.
Comment from : Diego

Jerry Langlois
Listen, it's very simple, if slots could be '' beaten '' the people who build them and program them would know just how to play them and would make out like bandits... and I bet they're the last ones to touch a slot.
Comment from : Jerry Langlois

Jason Fischer
This guy lied and told pretty much the exact opposite of what i believe to be the true answers to almost all the questions asked.
Comment from : Jason Fischer

John Frank
You wana know how to win .... naver go hahaha
Comment from : John Frank

Lee Rocheleau
I laugh at people that say I won 1000 dollars it only cost me 2000
Comment from : Lee Rocheleau

G Man
It is simple, you win by not playing and Casino's profit by ripping people off.
Comment from : G Man

Leroy Harvey
Think Imma hit a few sluts...
Comment from : Leroy Harvey

Who the Hell spends $25 per turn on a slot machine? That is insane.
Comment from : gtrman69777

Reviewer Yyc
If only there was a web site i could go to for more info ....
Comment from : Reviewer Yyc

Harry Diaz
The best strategy to win at slots as well as other forms of gambling.
Is to not step foot inside of a casino.
Realize from the moment you turn the key to start your car to head to that casino you're already losing money, wear and tear on your vehicle, as well as fuel consumption.
And that's just the beginning.
By the time you're done gambling 3 to 4 hours later after being teased by near wins......
That's when you have to do the real math.
How much money did you actually lose? Most gamblers don't track their losses the only share the "good news" that they "won".
When ever I ask someone how much did you gamble? they rarely have that answer.
How much is your time worth?
4 hours at $25 per hour=$100
Fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle depending on the distance to the casino can be a low of $10 or as high as $100, or more.
And the most important part of your trip to the casino.
How much money did you feed into those mindless machines?
When you factor it all in,
those machines are actually paying back 60% if you're lucky.
Every time the casino gives you a coupon for the buffet or show you've already paid for that with your losses.
It's a win-win deal for the house.
Basically it's like giving someone $100 and they give you $60 back.
That's not a good business proposition.
Better off saving your money and enjoying your time doing something more productive.
Be wise with your hard-earned money 👍👍👍

Comment from : Harry Diaz

Real muscle for life
I beg people, do not throw your money away. you will be sorry, these games is base on luck, you cant win them.
Comment from : Real muscle for life

julie Montano
I hate casinos
Comment from : julie Montano

Ian Swinton
I worked at a small casino and was shocked how much money these things take every single day. It's highway robbery.
Comment from : Ian Swinton

mf 33
This guy is paid off..most cosino have gaming system they know how you are the minute you walk in. Those cameras can pick up a dust mite freckle napping on a freckle..they let you win at first to suck you in play smart play small
Comment from : mf 33

No worries Mate
You will have better luck if you use a RPG on RNG!
Comment from : No worries Mate

John Spurlock
I think this video is a troll
Comment from : John Spurlock

John Spurlock
There's a slot machine in Laughlin it's in the middle of the rack and it pays out virtually every everytime every time for about $2 for the dollar you put in people wait in line for that slot machine
Comment from : John Spurlock

John Spurlock
The computer called a slot machine can be changed at willthey can push buttons and let you win or push buttons and make sure you don't. the first time you walk up to a slot machine and putput into Dollars are probably going to win 5 from then on you're going to lose
Comment from : John Spurlock

Craig Jorgensen
No strategy involved. Strictly random with shitty odds for the players. Over the short term, you COULD win. Long
term, you WILL lose. Very simple! This guy is right on target! Good information!

Comment from : Craig Jorgensen

Steve Rosengren
Get rid of the stupid ads!
Comment from : Steve Rosengren

Harbinder Singh Barry
Which is better ? Is it better for the reels to spin fast like a blur or slowly ? Which is better for the player ?
Comment from : Harbinder Singh Barry

Harbinder Singh Barry
But you can change the computer chip is tempered with ?
Comment from : Harbinder Singh Barry

Dave Smith
It’s not a slot machine it’s slut machine
Comment from : Dave Smith

Seat Bedzeti
Only way to win is Don't play slot machines coz its rigged, machines don't spin its Just an illusion
Comment from : Seat Bedzeti

if works y dont you play. casno so rich becuz ther dont know how to lose.
Comment from : J E

S Dew
how to win at slot machines, err.... dont play them???
their is no tactic, their is no skill, their is nothing of the sort, it is pure random, and luck!.

Comment from : S Dew

He was paid by casinos to do this......
Comment from : ZHU CHENYANG

Yogi Demis
Title change, "How THEY win and how they work" The way I see it with winning at Slot Machines is being in the right place at the right time. You could pump in hundreds of dollars on one machine for hours and get a 1/4 of your money back. I seen people just walk through the door, look around pick a machine pump in some cash, push that button and win the top prize. It doesn't take luck or skill to push a button it's just being in the right place at the right time.
Comment from : Yogi Demis

mf 33
Listen I been playing slots for years now. There is only a few strategies this guy is payed off by the casinos hands down. Do they have gaming system? Yes yes yes most casinos do. Meaning a flip of a switch. Look if your new your chances are better they want you to win win win..just enough to get you hooked. Then they take take take..the strategy is play small play we're old people play small bets try to get on Machines that are hard to get on these machines are set to be a little looser. Most casinos have face restrictions the Minute you walk in they know who you are. Always always ask if there were payouts today?and look around yourself walk around the Casino see how they're hitting. Never play the end of the month if you do hit? You got extra lucky..always always move you bets up and down..like 30cts 90cts 120 180..when it hits on that certain bet don't stay on it long but keep going back to it a little at a time..because going from 30ct you get nothing the you hit 90ct you hit 10.00 do two more spins if you don't get anything go back to 30 like 5 6 spins then go back..90cts. As far as players cards go I hit more jackpots without one but I don't think it makes a difference. Like I said they know who you are where you live how many kids you have lol yeah it's that scary.. have fun stay smart..good luck
Comment from : mf 33

László Godó
too much bullshit
Comment from : László Godó

child father
Stay away from the casinos, get a job work for your money 👍
Comment from : child father

Jag Betty
In Scotland we call the these machines ‘bandits’😯
Comment from : Jag Betty

It's not really random though. Nothing in the universe is random and those spinning animations are not just animations. Those spinning animations actually show the different calculations that will or will not appear once the machine solves them, this is why you see the spinning and this is why you can tap on the screen to stop some of the slots if you are quick enough.
Comment from : Warpicus

Bill Sawyer
What this asshole is failing to mention is that there’s crooked people at the top, way at the top, including politicians that are paying off people to stay quiet while they rig systems using sophisticated software !
Comment from : Bill Sawyer

Bill Sawyer
Fuck all online and land based casinos ! They are dirty, dishonest LIARS ! They lie about everything ! Everything in Casinos is set up for them to steal your money. Everything is rigged twice. The equipment is rigged when its manufactured to give the house the advantage and of course they admit that because any moron can see that and then they also rig the equipment again by manipulating all the software since all gaming equipment contains software. I have 100% evidence of this because I have seen this millions of times with my own eyes ! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen really crazy & weird things happen at Casino tables especially electronic roulette or electronic blackjack that defy logic For example, I once kept betting on black numbers after 36 red numbers in a row came up. Based on probability and logic, there’s a very strong chance that black will come up and guess what ? Red numbers continued to come up when I kept betting black and then after 42 red numbers in a row came up I decided I guess I’ll bet red and guess what ? The ball finally decides to land on black. This is just one of many many times that I’ve had very similar experiences like this ! They cheat and lie by manipulating all the software to make sure that they profit !! People need to call them out on this or else completely boycott all gambling !! We need to speak out against this type of scam that’s destroying lives ! DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU ! They’re all criminals ! Let’s not forget who started casinos. Don’t trust them just because it’s government operated or because whatever ! They are the scum of the earth robbing money from addicts and the poor ! How fucken pathetic that this is allowed to happen. Its one thing to gamble and lose money because of bad luck but it’s another thing to lose because you’re being cheated ! All casinos are 100% lying, cheating thieves and they tamper with all the software of all gaming equipment !! That’s pretty fucken sad that they get away with this !
Comment from : Bill Sawyer

kim w
you put in 10 dollars you lose 3 but won 2... you at 7 but the machine will show it paid out 3... all they do is give you money back in small amounts like a third of of what put in, no one will leave after only winning 3 bucks and losing 2....week later it shows they paid 100s of thousands out of that machine when they never even paid out a dime!!!!
Comment from : kim w

Hand Solo
"It's all luck" - Not entirely true. A friend and I noticed a a machine that periodically gave free spins when either 3, 4, or 5 magic symbols appeared anywhere on the screen. 3 symbols gave a handful of spins, and 5 gave a bucket load of spins. We noticed that about once every 10 or so sets of free spins would give you the 5 symbols. This would give you a ridiculous number of free spins, and if you hadn't been playing for very long, you'd be well ahead after it finished. So, if you see someone else playing the machine, for a long time, but not get the 5 free spins, then you knew that 5 free spins were imminent. If they leave the machine before the 5 free spins came up, grab it, as it will payout very soon.

This was over 20 years ago, so I do not expect it to work today. But that doesn't mean there aren't other patterns which you can detect to increase your odds.

Comment from : Hand Solo

Tyler Jackson
Now it is possible to advantage play on certain machines. For example, this jackpot will drop before it progresses to XXX.XX. I once walked by an ainsworth slot which had a progressive of 396.32 and it was a hit before 400.00. I hopped on the machine and it dropped at 396.70.
Comment from : Tyler Jackson

B smith
I bought a slot machine years ago an older one it had slots on the wheels to win the jackpot it had to hit the three dipper slots and one of the dipp slot had a nut and bolt
in it so there was know way you could have won the jackpot. It was a 1973 slot machine so they found a way to cheat then so they probably found a way to cheat now.

Comment from : B smith

The ONLY way to win the casino, is to avoid it!

Suzanne Bodette
Slots go in cycles. That way the commission can determine if the casino is is on the side of the law.
Comment from : Suzanne Bodette

mitchell Butler
Trying to win at slots is like playing snap with a deck with no pairs . They are designed to rob . They factor in a %40 return on all deposits. Your only ever wining a percentage of someone else’s loss . So you have to pick a machine someone didn’t feed enough to get their %40 . Otherwise it’s 1 in 6,000,000 chance of jackpot . Which is basically an impossibility. But for guys like me that don’t dance or do karaoke. Slot machines can be a good distraction for a first date .
Comment from : mitchell Butler

If the numbers are random then how can they determine what the payout is going to be?
Comment from : temporarysanity

Tim Roll
If you ever notice a lot of the times at one point in time you are ahead of what you put in more often than not. I found that if you cash out immediately, even if you are a quarter ahead, is the best way to go. If you can build up about $400 in winnings you pocket $200 as banked money, and take the other $200 in winnings and put it in a five dollar machine and max bet. Sometimes you win, a lot of times you don't, but it's winnings you are throwing into that five dollar machine instead of your initial cash.
After that you rinse and repeat until you run out of the initial money you decided that you where willing to accept to lose while keeping your banked money separate. I've walked out of casinos with money more than I have walked out without money by doing this very strictly.

Comment from : Tim Roll

Life destroying machines
Comment from : Varanjie

THIS DUDE IS A HUGE PLEB THAT CANT EVEN KEEP TRACK OF WHAT HE SAYS ........title =Slot Machines - How to Win and How They Work and then at 4:40 he says
Comment from : MDSsystems

Daniel Jarrell,jr
Anyone notice the casinos are getting to be like ghost towns?
Comment from : Daniel Jarrell,jr

I call BS on some of this. Looser machines appear to be close to the front door, not in the back. Also they can and do tighten machines, he said so.
Comment from : BLOWNDADDY1

Doug Harlow
Does it make a difference between hitting the “bet one credit twice” or hitting the “play 2 credits once button”? On a 2 coin slot machine?
Thanks for the informational video.

Comment from : Doug Harlow

Ephraim Noble
Review grand entertainment
Comment from : Ephraim Noble

Alan Heath
Am thinking of buying one and to install it in hall way to dispose of my coins. When full I will pay my bill just a different piggy bank don't believe in Gambling don't like losing
Comment from : Alan Heath

Lu Ruello
How can a totally random number generator guarantee a certain % return over time if it is totally random as to when you win?
Comment from : Lu Ruello

Jennifer Sledge
If it is based on stats ... the person playing the machine is in that stat correct?
Comment from : Jennifer Sledge

Bob Sillas
Comment from : Bob Sillas

Noel Carranto
I’ve seen way too many people went broke. I worked in various casinos in Las Vegas for 30 years and I don’t know anyone got rich from slots machines besides the casino CEO’s.
Comment from : Noel Carranto

Please check out the casinos in resorts world in queens definitely they are using the switch.
Comment from : YouCantSeeMeENT

Cm Sisk
you can't win if your luck sucks
Comment from : Cm Sisk

john wish
how about online slots ? no chip ? or are they rigged ? look forward to the reply
Comment from : john wish

Hes a liar
Comment from : swaggerboy740

Ken Beer
he calls these slots but i think they are video lottery machines, there is a difference........slots have three reels that spin and have no memory,,,,,,,,,,these vlts have a memory and once you,ve played enough , you get to do a bonus round,, if you watch alot of machines, and someone has played for a while and not got to a bonus round, because they have not gathered enough points to get there, you could jump on that machine and play till it takes you to the bonus round,.Play it out and then move on to the next one...........
Comment from : Ken Beer

Lonnie Christopher
...I think it's random....
Comment from : Lonnie Christopher

dig conway
Are the tribal slot machines regulated the same way? Thanks.
Comment from : dig conway

Tom thumb
You spent way to much time bragging about yourself trying to make yourself sound like you know what you are talking about but the reality from someone who has 24 years experience in gaming is that you don't know nearly as much as you like to think you know. When you said they have different chips in them with different pays shows that you don't really understand the internals of the machines. The software in most Vegas casinos have dozens if not hundreds of different pay tables on the software set. Gambling Machines have not actually stored the software program on IC chips for close to 10 years. Now days the software is stored on SSD's or hard drives because the content is massive compared to machines from 20 years ago.

Please in the future spend less time building up your ego and speak to people like a normal humans because your in depth technical knowledge is actually fairly weak and your overall basic knowledge is solid but not close to those who I have met who I would call experts. I would not consider myself an expert and I am pretty sure I have considerable more knowledge overall in Gaming.

Comment from : Tom thumb

Chris B
How they work makes how to win a stupid statement. This video is absolute total BS.
Comment from : Chris B

Gerald Harry
Love the book
Comment from : Gerald Harry

Mario Storti
Don't play in the Playtika apps are the most rigged that exist are six scammers of mefda of shitty crap
Comment from : Mario Storti

casinos set the payouts on the slots, they tend to set them to pay out low and there are rules set by the gaming commissions on how much they have to pay and how often, a casino by me was fined for having the slots set to low, they got caught and are likely doing it again.
Comment from : sausageslaps

Kaiser Sosay
The way to win is not to play.
Comment from : Kaiser Sosay

John Clegg
If these machines made you rich 1 nobody would work and 2 no machines would be in bookmakers or casinos, cannot explain it any simpler than that.
Comment from : John Clegg

Brandon Young
The money flows out of them like diarrhea from the buffalo
Comment from : Brandon Young

Doreen Lloyd-Thompson
I liked that last question. I thought those results were predetermined too.
Comment from : Doreen Lloyd-Thompson

old guy
You mean I sat through this whole video , just to find out in order to win it's luck? I knew that before the video.
Comment from : old guy

Giorgos Koui
Ate re malakia... Get lucky.... I know that secret
Comment from : Giorgos Koui

Jessie James Low
This guy is too honest and he is telling it from what he learnt from his interviews with casino operators and slot machine programmers and manufacturers. But what he says are not always necessarily true although he believe them to be so. Random Number Generators are not totally random. That is just a term the software engineers use to depict what the RNG does. As every computer software engineer knows, the software will operate based on what the engineer (programmer) inputs into the system. In that respect random number generating is not totally random. There is still a sequence because it is based on frequency which in turn is based on the payout ratio being applied. Contrary to what casino operators and slot machine manufacturers tell players, aspects of human psychology pertaining to human behavior in gaming and gambling are embedded in the programming. One very common example players have experienced frequently is what is called "last minute hand". This is the "phenomenon" that happens when you have almost exhausted all your credits and just as you are about to have enough credits for one or two last pulls suddenly the machine gives you a free spin bonus (after you have been waiting for a long time). What happens is that most players would be conservative so they would usually choose the most number of free spin option but with lesser payout multiplication, and they will be rewarded with a certain amount of credits but not enough to recover from what they have already put in. So naturally they have an inclination to continue playing with the expectation of recovery. If they continue to play on they will undoubtedly lose back all these credits that have been won. That is a fact. However, if the player says to himself, well, what the heck this is my last winning spin and I am going off so he opts for the least number of free spin but with highest multiplication factor. In most cases, he will hit a high credit payout with high multiplication factor. This is where the input of gambling psychology comes into play. Most players will want to come back because he ends on a good note. And they do come back. I have been playing slot machines for many many years and I can attest to this. When a machine is in a dry spell you can sit at it for hours and free spin takes a long time to appear, and when they do there is not much payout. But when a machine is on a run, free spins keep on coming at short frequency with reasonable payouts until there will be one very big payout (including the jackpot if there is one) and then it goes into hibernation mode again. This is a fact. Also, what is not mentioned in this video is that casino staff take statistics on machines that pay out more than the average and they keep track of the numbers. Regular players will notice that certain machines that continue to hit high credit payout frequently will usually have casino staff come take record of game statistics and what do you know, the next time round these machines suddenly will go quiet. As a frequent player , I have also noticed that time period is also at play. The casino that i frequently goes to playing the 5 Koi slot machines have certain time when almost all the same type of machines would have free spins coming on frequently almost about the same time! This would usually lasts about 30 to 45 minutes after which all these machines will go silent again. For this particular casino, the active period is in the morning between 10 a.m. to 12.00 pm and during dinner time 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. The worst time slot not to play these machines is usually after midnight when they are always in a lull period. And this is the period because it is the lull there being not many players is the time the casino does its cash retrieval. So, to slot machine players, I would advise them not to play on these machines between midnight and 6.00 a.m. And another piece of advice. They should play on a machine that has given out a jackpot before because the likelihood of that very same machine hitting jackpot again is very high. This is something I have seen first hand.
Comment from : Jessie James Low

Bob Zee
The thing is - RNG is NOT random. Computers know no such thing. Almost impossible to predict? Yes, but not random or impossible.
Comment from : Bob Zee

Your statement is contradicting. If they are programmed to pay back 90% as an example. The number generator in the chip is not random. Random would mean it's not programmed to pay out any set amount, it would be random and stay random even over time. Don't confuse odds of winning with a machine that is programmed to pay our X amount over any give time. Roulette is random with a given set of odds. Sorry, but you are speaking out of both sides of your mouth.
Comment from : mjohnstonflying

sportster davidson
So questions answered just dont play slots the house loves to cheet , its more like 93 % of the time the house wins .. shouldnt be allowed its just another way to swindle money out of people , like lifes not hard enough , poor people have to try anything and loose even more . Casinoes should not be legal , i live in niagara falls and suacide happens alot but never hits the news because its bad for the casino , how can this be right , and dont tell me its not the casinos fault when in fact if there was no casino there would be less suacide , well maybe they shouldnt gamble ... i agree but it doesnt help the situation putting temtation in front of desperate people . Casinos are evil just like the greedy governments
Comment from : sportster davidson

too big concentration on combinations makes a mind tired, activates thinking, senses, hope and strong wish to win - casino consciousness.  this is what the computer brains of machines doesn't like.slots gets a win in time, your mind is somewhere, without attention on machine. smaller wins anyway comes.

Edward j j
Nobody get lucky at all This dysanie is just to get people money that it Just lake federal reserve crooks bankers - another way around to start robbing good citizens The difrend is they using paper and pencils B.S plastic credit cards etc -not machine with pretty pictured screen
Comment from : Edward j j

Aussie Bill
/The best way to win is don't play
Comment from : Aussie Bill

Ron A
Dude that's not how they work. If a machine spins 5000 spins an hr and pays out is 90% it only needs to return 4500 spins an hr. Its not supposed to pay anything.
So not only can you loose your pension but can put through your partners as well.

Couple of problems - 1st - I need to interview manufacturers of companies and employees so I can be a expert like you.
2nd - If you ever see an add selling a "system" to beat a slot machine don't believe them..... So whats the title of your video.
3rd - Are you just selling the same book for the last 15 years.

Comment from : Ron A

Phong Le
That is bull shit I played in the slot machine first they let me win 40 buck on 50 cent bet then I keep playing then it suck back my fucking 40 buck plus my principal. I don't believe what you say. You bet high bet the more money you lose
Comment from : Phong Le

We had a slot machine in the taxi office years ago. The technician had a conversation with me and told me how to increase your chances of a big payout. Some of the information in this video is not quite accurate, for example you do not have the same chance of winning after a big win because it is an artificially created law of averages, not a real one. You can use this artificial law to give you an edge in the most surprising way. Play to lose. Keep losing, keep gambling. Eventually the machine will realise it has taken too much money and will kick into big payout mode, in order to redress the balance. This was told me by a technician.
Comment from : POKERNALYSIS

Miles Johnson
I put $20 in a dollar machine and won $2500. A few months later I went back and won $3000 on the same machine. About six months later I won $2500 on that same machine. A friend was with me. After I got paid I gave my friend $20 and said "play this machine". He won $3000 on the third pull. A few weeks later I saw the casino techs take that machine apart. It no longer pays out. For the last two years I periodically watch other people play this machine and they get no hits. My own strategy is to move to another machine if there are no hits.
Comment from : Miles Johnson

I: "So, how do I win?"

Narrator: "Don't bother playing."

Comment from : tripjet999

John Monks
The ONLY winner in a casino at the end of the day is the CASINO OWNER!!!!!
Comment from : John Monks

Astral Club
Save the airfare to Vegas. Just send me a buck and I’ll send you $0.85.
Comment from : Astral Club

Emil Grigorescu
Message : don’t play don’t gamble!
Comment from : Emil Grigorescu

Alan Peterson
When I lived in Las Vegas in 1980, the head of the Gaming Commission said," Show me somebody with a system and I'll pay for their plane ticket here." Don't know if anybody took him up on it.
Comment from : Alan Peterson

Universal Tunes
Slot machines look like my ass, they suck a lot but they shit little
Comment from : Universal Tunes

dino guessdat
Ya can't go 56mph in a 55mph zone without consequences, sometimes.
Comment from : dino guessdat

Steven Killeen
This is like something RedLetterMedia would review...
Comment from : Steven Killeen

Steven Killeen
How to win at slot machines...

Never begin in the first place.

Comment from : Steven Killeen

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