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Wendy Cushenan
WTG fantastic win!!!!!👍🍀🎱🎰
Comment from : Wendy Cushenan

Tardigrado Style
congratulations excellent win :)
I signed up for your channel, it's beautiful, I'm Italian

Comment from : Tardigrado Style

byron zavala
good bonus youtu.be/dAASq6BbgZ4
Comment from : byron zavala

Slot Angel
I'm never lucky on dancing drums...Nice run..just sub you
Comment from : Slot Angel

adri Navarro
Que locura !!!
Comment from : adri Navarro

Ali Akhlagi
Comment from : Ali Akhlagi

Loic Thomas
Comment from : Loic Thomas

horacio moreno
Esta muy bien ver a otro pendejo perder su dinero, en mi opinion personal nunca ganas es solo un robo descarado.
Comment from : horacio moreno

Irma Armida Díaz Heredia
Son muy entretenidos como terapias gracias
Comment from : Irma Armida Díaz Heredia

danz semilla

Perfect shirt for you! bit.ly/2KuLLA2

Comment from : danz semilla

... dancing drums is one of my favorites... won $1100 on an 88 cent bet once... plus the major many times...
Comment from : Michael Peterson's LOVING MUSIC, LOVING LIFE

Lucrecia Batista
Comment from : Lucrecia Batista

Sunny Tiger (Tigress)
Comment from : Sunny Tiger (Tigress)

Comment from : SHAWANA LEE

otiki ebe
speed payout post able to pay upto $500,000.000
Comment from : otiki ebe

Roberto .REM
Never I saw, jackpot was different as MINI, only MINI.
Comment from : Roberto .REM

تث Iqra
I am play in macau alwaYs lose
Comment from : تث Iqra

Damien5497 Entertainment
Comment from : Damien5497 Entertainment

Aristocratic Beast
It was a Belgium king called Albert the first. Have ever tried to play slot with a crown on your head it may bring good luck?
Comment from : Aristocratic Beast

тотализатор бет
Жги бро
Comment from : тотализатор бет

Krush Nation Slots
wow! awesome channel!
Comment from : Krush Nation Slots

Viktor Tandofsky
Don't Go to Barona Casino. They abuse people.
Comment from : Viktor Tandofsky

Jose Estrada
Comment from : Jose Estrada

The machine has already decided which jackpot you won before you pick the coins. The coins thing is just for fun
Comment from : tedgey

Eva Rojas
Como ganar. En el casino
Comment from : Eva Rojas

Voice of Wisdom
Bad girl...lol....take your win and run for the door.
Comment from : Voice of Wisdom

Silvia Gomez
Intalar grati juego de casino
Comment from : Silvia Gomez

Bunpheng Wagner
Comment from : Bunpheng Wagner

PJ's Slot Adventures
Albert I just this Vid ! Awesome and thanks for that shout out ! You know I love DD
Comment from : PJ's Slot Adventures

Liliana Alvarez
nice video beautiful wins congrats
Comment from : Liliana Alvarez

Debra Walde
Nice Win Albert!!
Comment from : Debra Walde

Susie Smith
I'm late to party. Awesome video Albert! I love those Asian themed games. Never done that well though!
Comment from : Susie Smith

green eyed Di
Awesome win! Congrats! 👍👍
Comment from : green eyed Di

Awesome bonus! and Nice gem show
Comment from : slotman777

Wonderful! But when your hand was hovering near the mystery pick, you could hear me across Space and Time saying, 'Nooooo!' What a great bonus on the drums!
Comment from : coreysue

Slot Winner
congrats Albert!!!! He shoots he scores!!!! Great video...
Comment from : Slot Winner

TheMaster Zman11
Well...glad to see that worked out for you. SWEET Bonus!
Comment from : TheMaster Zman11

Fun video, and great win. Thanks for sharing Albert
Comment from : NYP13 & QHL's SLOT-A-HOLIC CHANNEL

adele banks
I am so happy for you 💜👍👍 I'm trying this game since I can't find lighting link in my area casino
Comment from : adele banks

CT Slotters Slot Machine Videos
You make it look easy! That was awesome!! Barona was kind to you! :)
Comment from : CT Slotters Slot Machine Videos

Scotty Too Slotty
Nice bonus, little drummer boy! 😀👍
Comment from : Scotty Too Slotty

Windy City Frenzy
So much fun, your laugh at the win in this video .. priceless! Congrats on your wins!! 😎👍🏽💰💰💰🎸
Comment from : Windy City Frenzy

Beautiful win Albert ! Great video as always Al !!
Comment from : KURI Slot

Carol Hairston
So Albert, it looks like you had a good time at Barona! Great wins.
Comment from : Carol Hairston

Slot Traveler
PJ will be proud! That was an amazing bonus and the one thing as you noted is that the trigger screen you needed one more dragon on the first column for that Jackpot! Wow great run! Congrats!
Comment from : Slot Traveler

miss nisha
Very nice win Albert. 👍🏽
Comment from : miss nisha

Sizzling Slot Jackpots
Love the game, I've only played this twice this year with no luck but will try it again soon. Best of luck to you sir.
Comment from : Sizzling Slot Jackpots

Great wins Albert! My guess is the next time your out there you might go somewhere else? Sounds like that one place, San Manuel, expanded with a ton of new slots and relaxed their camera policy.
Comment from : EmanRocknSlots

Awesome run, great video, but what I like the most it's the friendship that you have with the low roller brothers, Shinobi & Beam up Slotty!!! Como carnales!....
Congratulations guys!!!

Comment from : kardenzell

OH Albert, Love those WINS!!! Shinobi , Beam Me Up Slotty, Two wonderful brothers that have given us You Tube watchers a great chance of videos to enjoy!! Always watch their channels of SO.CAL. and beyond, to explore the slotting experience!! Thank you for coming out the west coast, and hopefully one day in the future, there will be a grand meet-up for SO.CAL. watchers!!
Comment from : wlwal1

Latisha Campbell
Super Awesome Win....Shinobi and Beam ME Up Slotty seem fun to hang with. Looks like you all had a great time. Congratulations.
Comment from : Latisha Campbell

Claire Pierson
grats so much fun love yur videos
Comment from : Claire Pierson

Wow, awesome win, Albert!
Comment from : Leenda72

soSAMuk's UK slot channel
Brilliant win well done, I've not seen this version before it looks fun
Comment from : soSAMuk's UK slot channel

Big B's Slot Channel
Awesome wins!! Gotta love them retriggers 👏🎉🍻👍 Beautiful bonus
Comment from : Big B's Slot Channel

Valarie F Randall
Sounds like you had a great trip out west. Very impressive bonus on the drums! Thanks for sharing......
Comment from : Valarie F Randall

Casinomannj - Creative Slot Machine Bonus Videos
Fantastic win on this game. I give you credit...the camera loves you...it appears things happen very quickly for you which is definitely good for video. Congrats on the awesome run on this game and thanks for sharing :)
Comment from : Casinomannj - Creative Slot Machine Bonus Videos

Dejavu Slots
That was a awesome win, congrats bud.
Comment from : Dejavu Slots

Jennifer Goodwin
I think your trip to SoCal was one to remember.  I know the night at Barona was.  Those drum wouldn't stop beating to celebrate your great win -- 4 jackpots (including one that wasn't a mini) and a final cash out of $789.  Fantastic. I am so glad Al and Hank took you on the SD tour and showed you a reason to come back - and maybe next time....And for sure if I ever make it back to Barona I'll be patting those good luck statues.
Comment from : Jennifer Goodwin

Miss Liz- The One & Only
Beautiful win, Albert. Guess that lucky ritual paid off 😂😂😁😊❤
Comment from : Miss Liz- The One & Only

Canuck In Casino
That was an awesome win! Those retriggers and pot lid kept closing, delicious :)
Comment from : Canuck In Casino

OKslots of_fun
Love the video! And the big win, very nice!! You had a lot of big wins there at Barona that made some nice videos! Congratulations!
Comment from : OKslots of_fun

Cindy Higgins
Awesome win Albert! Love a comeback
Comment from : Cindy Higgins

Tim Snead
Terrific win Albert! Congrats. It looks like you had a lot of fun playing at Barona.
Comment from : Tim Snead

EZ Life Slot Jackpots
Fun video, I really love them drums but they ain't got no luv for EZ!
Comment from : EZ Life Slot Jackpots

C Gibbs
Sweet bonus!! And you have some of my other fav youtubers cheering you on.....Congrats on getting your money back, that's a rarity nowadays.
Comment from : C Gibbs

Liliana Alvarez
nice video very fun great wins congrats
Comment from : Liliana Alvarez

J. B.
Nice win
Comment from : J. B.

JM Engelhard
Sounds like you guys played at the right hours, Albert! I won more during 10PM-5AM. Lol
Comment from : JM Engelhard

Davy Cadava
Nice Albert! Maybe I should go to Barona this weekend!?!?! Haha... Glad you had a winning trip out there. Woot!
Comment from : Davy Cadava

CASINO WINS by Blueheart
Awesome job Albert. Enjoyed watching. Game was active for sure. Well done.
Comment from : CASINO WINS by Blueheart

Bonsai Yama Review
That was awesome, looks like it was a great trip congrats.
Comment from : Bonsai Yama Review

Paylines Slot Channel
What an unbelievable bonus. So exciting
Comment from : Paylines Slot Channel

That was very nice, I like this one better then 88 fortunes 😉 thanks for sharing have a great day
Comment from : SlowPokeSlots

NG Slot
Great Win my firend CONGRATS,yestrday i was at Barona the first time i win there 😉
Comment from : NG Slot

Rene Vogt
Definktely on "to play" list in Vegas. You got the lid to close A LOT! GOOD JOB!
Comment from : Rene Vogt

Xavier Robinson
Anything with that Pot up top of my favorite game. Although 5 TREASURES is the favorite of favorites. Great video
Comment from : Xavier Robinson

Carol Mc
What a lovely win! Congrats Albert 👍
Comment from : Carol Mc

Carolyn King
You are so LUCKY!!
Comment from : Carolyn King

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