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Which of these sneaky tricks surprised you the most?
Comment from : Alltime10s

Rick Parker
Casino formulas are designed to win, based on human emotion.
That's why it can't affect someone like Mark Zuckerberg, who is not fully human, and lacks emotion.

Comment from : Rick Parker

Cristian Esparza
0:44 tilted me so much as a blackjack dealer even the chip tray is backwards
Comment from : Cristian Esparza

Jordan Masse PROJECT
Click baited
Comment from : Jordan Masse PROJECT

The Boyfriend Channel
Thanks for the clickbait
Comment from : The Boyfriend Channel

Randy Wolfe
I love going to casino but I only take a certain amount of money and drive separate from my buddies. When I double my cash or loose most of it I'm out.
Comment from : Randy Wolfe

Om Topics
Casinos: "come in for a chance to win 30k-90k etc plus FREE food n drinks"
Also Casinos: "the house always wins"

Comment from : Om Topics

Tony OD Morera
Thanks for the Clickbait. I officially unsubscribed because of your thumbnail.
Comment from : Tony OD Morera

Michael Fogel
NOra #10 only thing worth... video waste of time... very bad. thanks. Free drinks? no way. No windows or clocks?!? everyone knows this -_-
Comment from : Michael Fogel

Kevin Samuel Haber
Here is the main secret the casino does not want you to know. You are more likely to increase your bankroll with steady 10 dollar bets and more likely to lose your bankroll with 20 bets.
You can go in with 1000 dollars , win 30 bucks and leave. Do that once per day and win 10,000 per year thus beating the casino.
Do not go for 10,000 in one day. Thats how they beat you. YOu can win a little and get out. As illustrated in this video, they make this difficult for you to achieve this discipline via illusions. That is the REAL secret they dont want you to know - Only set your sites on a 10% increase on your bankroll.

Comment from : Kevin Samuel Haber

Kevin Samuel Haber
The casino will pay FINE for LOWPAYOUT but the FINE for LOWPAYOUT is very small compared to the billion they already made in deposits.
Comment from : Kevin Samuel Haber

I was a Vegas dealer. NOBODY is ever told not to wear a watch, ESPECIALLY dealers. Dealers are encouraged to wear a watch so they are not late from their breaks. Tapping out a dealer has to be to the minute precise! That is a complete lie.
Comment from : JonnyZuma

Five of a kind
What idiot made this video?

Comment from : Ronnie

Jackie Bridges
I've won enough a paid house off in Cash and a car after taxes . not everyone is a loser at casino Yes I've lost but I'm way ahead and debt free all on casino...
Comment from : Jackie Bridges

Aashana's World
tell the truth it will set u free
Comment from : Aashana's World

2020 progress
None of this is rigging - its just the kind of 'sales' techniques any company employs to maintain revenue ; logistically its near on impossible for casino to rig tables simply because they would have to rig against the playing methods of every player on every table in the place and do it with sci-fi precision!
Comment from : 2020 progress

Brian notafan
dad always told me nothings free he was right nothing!
Comment from : Brian notafan

Josh Powers
casino machines cheat hard i won like 100 free spins on one machine not all at once i kept hitting free spin inside free spins it added up to around 100 after all 100 pass it ended up at like 10 dollars 50 cents i was pissed after winning that many free spins in 1 spin and left that machine cause it cheated hard as hell only a few time have i ever left with more money then i went in with and that is usually when i play 21 cause i sit there for hours playing it
Comment from : Josh Powers

Rowyn Olson
Blackjack gives you a higher chance to win if you know how to play it.
Comment from : Rowyn Olson

Tony Mitchell
The CASINO in my city is called "JACK" owned by the Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert. It's crazy because Cleveland never had a casino before. I've won money.
Comment from : Tony Mitchell

call me Q
Click bait doesn't have any rigged roulette tables
Comment from : call me Q

Oh Gee Oh Gee
It's a scam! Nothing is free! Odds are against you!
Comment from : Oh Gee Oh Gee

Jose luis Dela cruz
Thanks so much
Comment from : Jose luis Dela cruz

John Coffee
The lottery is the biggest scam,entire nations of people brainwashed into something they have no chance at winning.
Comment from : John Coffee

Johnny twotimes
Best game to play is craps!
Comment from : Johnny twotimes

Wim Hamhuis
the use of perfume. i didn't know that. any casino with chanel 5 perfume ? lol
Comment from : Wim Hamhuis

William Thiek
I wonder why i couldn't grasp this guy english, seems i don't speak English at all, kha4. Or lol khi4
Comment from : William Thiek

A fool and his money are easily parted. Never start gambling. It seeming “fun” is exactly what Casinos love to hear you say.
Comment from : Marquez23

John Ross
Thumbnail clickbait
Comment from : John Ross

Dat Dude
So there isn’t a motor in the roulette table that was the reason I clicked on the video in the first place? Ok.. I really don’t like liars. I’m normally generous with my likes but not when I’m lied to.
Comment from : Dat Dude

John Bailey
They don’t want you to know just how exacting the science of cheating you out of your money is, by using your rewards card your playing right into their nasty cheating hands,,,
Comment from : John Bailey

Alphonse Askerov L.A
Do wtf don't customers sue ...casinos for cheating......
Comment from : Alphonse Askerov L.A

Gabe Tovar
i just came from Vegas for my 21st and the dealer told me the time and she had watch as well
Comment from : Gabe Tovar

Andrew Campbell
Clickbait thumbnail lol
Comment from : Andrew Campbell

Sarah Epper
To bad nora didn't find that our government was responsible for 911
Comment from : Sarah Epper

They play their games,
And we play ours “

Comment from : dbltrplx

Ronald Flint
I often thought about the way casinos are designed in a maze and it works I was leaving, but lost My direction...
I actually spent $200.00 mor than I should have...

Comment from : Ronald Flint

If you live close to a casino it can actually just be a place to have fun. You don't go for the money you go to have fun you spend $50 dollars fucking around and get shit faced for free 👍🏼
Comment from : jsjones418

You can become a millionaire at the casino if you are a billionaire.
Comment from : arealmench

This Nora is God's Eye
Comment from : DeadlyVenomKing

StuTheBru me
so they cheat but we cannot haha and dont let them find out you like them so much your an addict
Comment from : StuTheBru me

Andy anderson
Thumbs down for the misleading thumbnail! Assholes
Comment from : Andy anderson

🤑 I think casinos spray greed scent thru their vents cuz people win and they don’t leave right away , they keep gambling and then they leave when they lost all their money 🤑

the clock thing its just not tru fact one you can ask for a time through everyone and you will get it in some casinos you have the time right on the screens fact 2 dealers are not allowed to wear a watch to can prevent stealing chips from flots however if u are old enough in the casino that doesnt apply to you or if u dont deal #dealerlife
Comment from : Sicko

What about the myth that casinos pump pure oxygen thru the vents to keep their "livestock" alert
Comment from : drksyde72

Leon Andrews
I used to work in a casino. Casinos are fun to mess around in and fk it, put up $200-300 and try your luck. On some table games like craps and 21, if you learn the lower house odds, you may win. I have won here and there, it isn’t impossible.

Concerning booze, casinos are the best bars ever. Just go to a casino bar and get a “top shelf” alcoholic drink. The idea is to “tip” the bartender. Give the bartender $2-3 dollars a drink. This money goes into his pocket and not the casino and drinks in the casino are much cheaper than in an outside bar.

So called “comps” or complimentaries, look up the casino you are going online and see what their policies are. You might find out that they are fairly liberal and losing a hundred bucks might get you two buffet tickets. It is really up to the floor supervisor and most are cool about giving you the buffet tickets because like the bartenders, it isn’t their food, booze or money.

I know what I said in the first paragraph but casinos are a ripoff, and the motherfuckers are there to take your money and the odds are always in their favor. Even if you do win money they will get nosy about it and even have the legal right to bar you from their place.

Comment from : Leon Andrews

Walter Lea
Learn to play baccarat - No Skill Required, & Best Odds... Easiest Game to Play, And Lots of Fun Bending those Cards in anticipation of revealing your cards. Its Super exciting -
Comment from : Walter Lea

Dr Numbnuts
The casino my cousin goes to doesn’t kick very good gamblers because it would completely screw their reputation. He once went on a massive 2-day streak. They tried to accuse him of cheating, but there was nothing to prove he cheated and they couldn’t read his mind to tell if he was counting cards. The owner kinda just sighed and waited for him to lose. On top of counting cards, he also doesn’t drink or bet huge amounts of money at once. He also tips the dealers extremely well, giving him an edge. He doesn’t screw with things like slots or the lottery. He only plays Craps and Blackjack. Given his counting cards skills and his good tipping, he gives himself a better chance at winning than the house. If there is a perfect gambler, it’s him.
Comment from : Dr Numbnuts

Sam Coronado
They dont need to cheat just stay open. Most people win at some point at the casino....but the casino knows that most of you will love the rush and get greedy.....guess what happens next.......You spend it all back and then some that day or the next. Just leave if you get up and try not to blame everyone that you lost....have fun with it....if you cant then dont come
Comment from : Sam Coronado

Sam Coronado
Ive been dealing for 13 years and I deal 12 games.....so funny how people think all of these weird reasons they lost....." im so sure your casino cheats and this deck has cards taken out" I ask your sure they do that? ...." Yes I know for sure they do I have seen them take them out and rig this game" I then ask this....if your sure you are being cheated right?.....why would your play something you cant win at?......uhhhhhh
Comment from : Sam Coronado

Les Austin
Funny, entertaining and educational!
Comment from : Les Austin

Number 1 blew me away wtf

500k for perfume wtf

Comment from : EricSmyth14

Chris Butler
Fake thumb nail dumb video. This is shit people should know.
Comment from : Chris Butler

Donald Duck Trump
Comment from : Donald Duck Trump

Mia Fora
Comment from : Mia Fora

Kastrius 32
This was very difficult to watch, They focused on American Casino's, showed US currency, yet the person you used didn't speak America English, you could of used American words or phrases, however. For someone watching in America, the video was impossible to watch and understand. I find it hard to believe what even in 2017, there wasn't a way or a resource that could of been used to make it more American. I would also like to point that they singled out US casinos failing to mention that the US isn't even in the top 5 of as far as casino gambling is concerned. just because the US does it best... doesn't make the things talked about in the video, any less true of casino's around the world.

Join me in with a Thumbs up to this comment, and Thumbs down to the video, I will leave it up to you if wish to report this Channel.

Comment from : Kastrius 32

joseph matthew
911 was a movie stop using terror bs, terrorism by definition is a govt destroying it's own.
Comment from : joseph matthew

Basically these are two things: Keep you playing and Spy on them.
Comment from : RouletteMan

Bloody cunts lol. I'm from Chicago but always wanted to be British lol
Comment from : GambletoGamble

Honestly I was enjoying your video. You talk about the things casinos do to keep you from leaving with money. If you want to laugh just watch the second half of my vlog :

"Legends of the casino bus"

I provide the answer that defeats all these casino distractions and strategies. Simple answer that will raise an eyebrow lol.

Comment from : GambletoGamble

I only won like 10% of the games at Casino's. They're literally a cyberpunk dystopia. In other terms, It's a good way to cheat out of normies. The house does not want to play the other way around because they know they're gonna lose that way. In other words, if you make a casino just for them, they have absolutely no interest in playing it. This is coming from a multi billionaire. Blackjacks and Craps are the best ones to play though if you know how to play it well.
Comment from : KermisVoyager1997

7:36 Missed opportunity for the 1's to be aces.
Comment from : Bladeofwar94

Ozgur Eryalcin
what kind of clickbait is this you
Comment from : Ozgur Eryalcin

Luis Realin
What about the free prostitutes
Comment from : Luis Realin

Abdoul Ndambi
All this technology but London still has a high crime rate
Comment from : Abdoul Ndambi

Sheldon Cooper
Actually, some dealers do have watches because they want to keep tabs on their shift and when their next break is (dealers get short breaks every hour to protect against physical fatigue and dealer errors). In my experience, some smaller casinos are designed to where you can see the light outside more readily. One casino I went to had the time readily available on nearby tv screens, if you knew to look at the right places.
Comment from : Sheldon Cooper

Casino apps are better than getting the casino and police involved
Comment from : MattyTdog

olivier parker
these are all so bloody obvious - jeez
Comment from : olivier parker

Megan Midway
Your information regarding Las Vegas is outdated, half truths, and urban myths. If you want to get ripped off go to an Indian Casino. They will gladly break rules to steal money. They would rather pay the fines than pay you. Oh me? Drop by the Cosmopolitan and look up at one of the million black bubbles on the ceiling/walls/etc and wave. Yes- every bubble has a real working camera in it.
Comment from : Megan Midway

casinos are like six flags for adults
Comment from : C L

Banjo D
A little bs. I work in a casino as as dealer. We wear watches and have clocks in the pit, and if a guest asks the time we’ll tell them. Plus, everyone had a phone!!!
Comment from : Banjo D

My World
None surprise me, but my wife has one up on the casinos. She always wins at slots, traditionally the worst type of gambling. $1,200 the last 2 weeks in 2 visits. She can sense the machines which are paying and there is NOTHING the casino criminals can do about that! Thanks casino creeps. We love taking your ill gotten gains!
Comment from : My World

turan bagatur
F...k the casino ..Big scam ..There allowed to rob people..But if u win ..Somehow ur cheating..Scumbags..!
Comment from : turan bagatur

Nassim Mouline
Man go check the channel lama faché he stole yout content
Comment from : Nassim Mouline

Gut Eater
Jesus the no window reasoning is bullshit , they did it to prevent people to cheat from getting information on their guy on the outside
Comment from : Gut Eater

Gut Eater
The only good and fair game on casino is poker . But it need skill and balls
Comment from : Gut Eater

Vegas is just one massive rip off
Comment from : Kjca

Dan M
This stuff is true i looked under the roulette table at a casino i was playing at and it had a ton of wires... y does a wheel that spins need any wires lol. its obviously rigged.
Comment from : Dan M

I'll tell you one casino's don't want employees to know. Most of the smoke alarms, and other non security devices have cameras in them aimed at getting an employee who is stealing.
Comment from : Budtopia

Brad Camillo
no secrets here . you would have to be from alabama or texas to not know these very lame not secret secrets
Comment from : Brad Camillo

Stephen Pruszenski
None of these surprise me. As the saying goes, Vegas isn't based on winners.
Comment from : Stephen Pruszenski

Shae Beall
2:40 No it’s so no one can grab money of the table and run. But yeah that to.
Comment from : Shae Beall

United We Speak Smith
Talk about casinos shuffling rigged machines
Comment from : United We Speak Smith

Scent of Northern Italy...I am from Northern Italy, mind clarifying? 😂😂
Comment from : foxinho82

If there aren’t any clocks, how do the dealers know when to click out?
Comment from : Pinkynose499

your company sucks


Comment from : your company sucks

Anthony Giarrusso
Great video
Comment from : Anthony Giarrusso

Dina Hendrix
None of these are “tricks”
Comment from : Dina Hendrix

Reid Dylans
Chips have nothing to do with making you not think about the money. It's much easier to handle chips than cash.
Comment from : Reid Dylans

J Burch
Others in this comment section have mentioned this but it can be stressed enough. The games are fair but the aren't. Every game has a positive advantage for the Casino. Let's say there is a new game out. It involves one traditional casino die. You can win $5 if you call out the winning number on a roll. Wait, but there are six sides to the die. You will have to spend 6 to win five. Every game works this way except poker. There you have beat the other players and the casino rake , tips, and expenses. Back to slots and floor table games. Negative percentages may be the sneakiest trick of all.
Comment from : J Burch

Cioara Gargamel
At least they can't rigg poker
Comment from : Cioara Gargamel

Tom Yazel
if the casinos really don't want me to know then how did you find out?  how are you still alive after outing the "organized crime" casinos?  you should go to Mexico and lay low bro...
Comment from : Tom Yazel

So should I go to a casino
Comment from : JustJordan

Cory Santana
I always thought that if you went to a casino you would be hypnotized and never leave, loosing all your money like the way this video makes it seem....but for me, I played a table of black jack, lost $50 and I was like "I'm done." lol
Comment from : Cory Santana

Jon Cross
I went to a casino and all I smelt was depression and cigarettes. I went to an arcade after and actually had a decent Time.
Comment from : Jon Cross

Julijana Kizivat
This NORA thing should be banned in casinos. They're no police or government to have the right to check your whole life, crazy.
Comment from : Julijana Kizivat

Charles Betz
We wear watches so nobody forgets our relief and we will tell you the time if you ask. You can't have your phone at the table, but you can easily stand up when we shuffle and take a look at it.
Comment from : Charles Betz

Jaysen T Banks
so there's tech that can tell that i and the dealer took a shit on the same toilet 6 years ago but i still cant play music while closing the youtube app
Comment from : Jaysen T Banks

andy andrino
The Shuffling machines at the Indian casinos are rigged to give the house the better hands
Table mountain 7 up Pia Gow is a classic with hands being dealt to vacant seats to make sure the dealer gets the better hand. When 3 card poker table with all seats being played 7th hand dealt goes to the dealer rigged shuffling machine other games same way. Dept. of Justice gambling division will not do anything they just let them keep doing it,

Comment from : andy andrino

Dont fucking gamble i ruined my life literally ruined
Im 19 and i feel now my life is done

Comment from : R1vEn

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