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Tommy Fu
#8- "the casinos hire experts" this is hilarious. with few exceptions most casinos are run by idiots with idiot employees.
Comment from : Tommy Fu

James Brewitt
Your right about getting hemmed in and losing your bearings !
I ended up pissing in the fountain at the Venetian 2 years ago I was that desperate

Comment from : James Brewitt

#K8 - the best online casino you should open an account.
Comment from : K8.Casino

frank facts
vegas doesn't run a clean game
Comment from : frank facts

Aryan Akb
Casinos and Drugs should be band from this beautiful world , its waste of money and time for people .
Comment from : Aryan Akb

Fliparacci The great
This video just did a dirty trick to get me to click it.. it showed a number under the roulette table that appeared to be the casino cheating to win.. but when i clicked the video that had nothing at all to do with what the video is about lol smh
Comment from : Fliparacci The great

10 "secrets" which are common knowledge.
Comment from : drxym

John Smith
Turn the tables on them by listening to them on portable police scanners www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?aid=3045
Comment from : John Smith

Jeff Calvin
Tasb cuns sbow it
Comment from : Jeff Calvin

They don't want you to win and if you win they don't allow you to leave with the money
Comment from : God

your mad
What happens in vegas stays in vegas
Comment from : your mad

your company sucks
Back to back months of losses!! “You reap what you sow” HAHAHAHAHAHA


Comment from : your company sucks

This video is a waste of time
Comment from : anwar

Carlos Sierra
Honestly casinos seem sketch now
Comment from : Carlos Sierra

اكسم زغيبة
خسرت في روليت وتريد استرجاع خسارتك وزيادة في ربحك؟
كلمني وسأرشدك بطريقة مضمونة

Comment from : اكسم زغيبة

Martin Marcellis
Are Indian casinos any better?
Comment from : Martin Marcellis

Lilplannedparenthood The Sloth
im at a table rn
Comment from : Lilplannedparenthood The Sloth

Ben Tv Howman
Here in Australia we have a law requiring the time be displayed on all pokie machines
Comment from : Ben Tv Howman

James Bond
99.99999% house winsssss..... n ........1%player win, n if that’s not enough, after your winning Uncle Sam want his cut also right then or at the end of the year lol, best advised, kept your money in the pocket or investing wisely ✌️✌️✌️
Comment from : James Bond

Nukri Samyurashvili
if you made this video they do want players to know about.
Comment from : Nukri Samyurashvili

you film NAGA casino ?
Comment from : HUY CHANCHETTRA

Joe Shmoe
Free drinks at a casino, no waiting. Walk up to a bar. Put money into the machine on the counter. Tell the bartender what drink you want. As soon as he brings it to you cash out your machine for a voucher. Get up and leave with your drink. Casinos want you to drink, lose some inhibitions and your money. To say they will stop giving out free drinks is ludicrous.
Comment from : Joe Shmoe

OMG Official
Casinos are smart
Comment from : OMG Official

In the "Money Maze" section of this video, there is one more thing that helps to keep you from finding your way out. The Carpet. I'm not kidding...there is a style of carpet called Casino carpet. It's very disorientating to look at as you are walking on it. A few years back when we were re=carpeting our bar, were looking at the commercial carpet styles, and the salesman asked if we wanted the Casino carpet, and we looked at a sample. Yeah, even that was making us feel a little lost. I have seen this style of carpet in one of the biggest bars in town, and it gets you confused in there too.
Comment from : TheKurtis66

Hao Lin
Fucking cheatbaiting display picture that have fucking no content related to the pic
Comment from : Hao Lin

J 2
Everything is a lie. The whole system is corrupted. Someone has to change everything.
Comment from : J 2

fnayr zak
last years I lose 50000 dolar in morocco casino
Comment from : fnayr zak

xx xx
现在赌场的科技,1.脸部对比(facial recognition) ,2. 电脑空盘 (server monitoring and change management for autochange in all tables and slot machines ), 3. 笔录电视空盘 (24 hrs CCTV monitoring), 4. AI (artificial intellengence) to control all outcomes of tables and gaming slot machines, 任何一个赌注的桌子, 老虎机都能用电脑控制,只有傻子才会相信这影片的鬼话。很可惜,只有赌鬼不知道后果,他们以为钱会从天上掉下来,我做一件好事,不要去赌场,下场都很可怜。我相信这是1000% 骗人,我做一10000%好事。Stay far away from casino for your own good. May God bless you.
Comment from : xx xx

Kenneth Johnson
Your mostly wrong on Comps.
Comment from : Kenneth Johnson

Luz Gil
Hablen en español
Comment from : Luz Gil

kain cannon
So to get free drinks u just tip a bartender $5-$10. Sounds a lot like buying a drink lmao.
Comment from : kain cannon

Roshan Pradhan
1:06 which computer language?
Comment from : Roshan Pradhan

This was extremely stupid
Comment from : porygonL

Loh Swee Keng
You should change your intro
Comment from : Loh Swee Keng

With a voice like that I wouldn’t mind letting you know when I get to Vegas next if you come to my hotel room.
Comment from : animepix

0:16 Las Vegas!
Comment from : Downwind

1-Sell Roulette Software. 2-Play by Sharing
1-Sell Roulette Software. 2-Play by Sharing 🇺🇸
Comment from : 1-Sell Roulette Software. 2-Play by Sharing

1-Sell Roulette Software. 2-Play by Sharing
Comment from : 1-Sell Roulette Software. 2-Play by Sharing

joe fran
people, fuck the comps never play for comps, that's the biggest bullshit out there
Comment from : joe fran

joe fran
vegas used to fun now it has gone downhill bigtime
Comment from : joe fran

Michel Folco
Clickbait with obvious well-known facts.
Comment from : Michel Folco

Jean-Francois Carrier
Your dealer stock shot are ridiculous!!! pouhahahaa
Comment from : Jean-Francois Carrier

Bas 1Sokkie
2018, when checking the time on your phone was more obvious than looking at your watch
Comment from : Bas 1Sokkie

wide awake
wow what a secret
your phone tells the time lol awfull

Comment from : wide awake

Thumbnail liar
Comment from : CinemaCitizens

I got lost in the money maze at the Wynn.


Comment from : JasonTheWorldisYours

Bo-Be-Q Barbecue aus der Seestadt Bremerhaven
Comment from : Bo-Be-Q Barbecue aus der Seestadt Bremerhaven

Was a dice dealer for years. If a player didn't tip us, we "taxed" them. Translation: Depending on their play, every payoff was short 5, 10, 25 dollars per payoff. By the nights end, we were tipped pretty handsomely from the stiff......
Comment from : rich

If you want to lose money go to casinos. If you want to spend money go to Dubai
Comment from : ANTHONY ABOH

tim White
I worked with slot machines many times the trick is to wait till you know a machine has a few hundred bucks 600 or more I would say. Not your money though lol watch people play the small the bar/ casino the better. It has to pay by law it doesn't give everything back but if the guy you watch put in 3 bills doesn't cash anything out u'll probably get 100 bucks from a ten spot. It's still gambling so it might take it But your odds are better
Comment from : tim White

I'm coming to Vegas 2/3 to 2/7!!
I'm so excited for my first experience!

Comment from : 880jpf

Jack Tarasar
With all the Smart Phone Addicts who CONSTANTLY have their phone in their hand and texting & surfing, the CLOCK OFF thing is a thing of the past. You can and DO still fall prey to the NO WINDOWS policy. The casinos don't even like to have windows in the EXIT doors.
I remember staying at the Monte Carlo in Vegas when it first opened back in 1996-7. As soon as you entered the building, you were GENTLY hit with a fresh, airy fragrance. They pushed that through the HVAC system. As this video states, it hides the cigarette smell. Most Tourists come from other States that have BANNED cigarette smoking in public spaces, bars, restaurants, office buildings. Smokers are PRIME customers in Las Vegas and the casinos would rather die than BAN smoking. I don't see that changing in the future as long as there are Smokers in the world.

Comment from : Jack Tarasar

Secret #1 all these "secrets" are common knowledge thanks to you tube and google
Comment from : thetony458

Abomb 604
Mostly true for Vegas casinos.
Comment from : Abomb 604

Randall Robarts
Holy shit $5-$10 tip for a free drink!? Just sit at a slot machine and tip the cocktail waitress a buck. I don’t know if you guys actually ever visited a casino.
Comment from : Randall Robarts

My gambling rule I have a set amount I’m willing to loose each day. I also get a good amount of drinks in so if i loose 100 bucks and drank like 6 drinks that night then that is pretty even to me
Comment from : unrooolie

Aleco Nico
You used repeatedly the wrong word of casinos madam!
The correct term at them ripoff joins is digital electronic crime centers

Comment from : Aleco Nico

A Uri
Well NORA really f’d up during the shooting..
Comment from : A Uri

Mark DeFazio
Well that is 10 minutes and 5 seconds of my life I will never get back. What a lame video.
Comment from : Mark DeFazio

But the Las Vegas massacre happened
Comment from : hernandezjuan95

Crab Burger
The secret casinos don't want u to know...it's fricking rigged and you will never ever win big and keep hold of the money without giving it straight back no Matter how financially savvy you are...
Comment from : Crab Burger

Azariah Caffey
BEST TRAFFIC! www.herculist.com/members/index.cgi?1richaffiliate
Comment from : Azariah Caffey

Free drinks by paying tips...hmm
Comment from : Gunterstryke

my 2 year old knows about these so called "Secrets" this video is a complete waste of time and resources!
Comment from : Punjig

Teri N
casinos, like all companies, wouldn't be in business long if all they did was give away their money. DUH.
Comment from : Teri N

deceiving click bait thumbnail.
Comment from : WaynesWorkVlog

La Sombra Del LoBo
Hahaha, "comps" are non existent nowadays... las vegas is a trash trap that just isn't worth it anymore.

Ok, this video is complete shit. Whoever made this video has never been to vegas.

Comment from : La Sombra Del LoBo

Here's a hot tip if you never wanna lose at a casino

Stay out of the building. :p

Comment from : ALittleLillypad

I went to a casino once. Lost $20 within the first 15 minutes and me and my cousin were smart enough to see where it was heading. We both left thinking that some of those people are gonna be there for hours and most likely losing more than they are winning. Those poor people gonna lose everything they have and for what? Sure you can hit it big but it is a very small chance you think you are that 1 in a million to hit a jackpot or be lucky enough to win a fortune? I doubt it.
Comment from : rahorin

Going to Vegas... This weekend!!
Comment from : scw19762011

Is it me or are these videos meant for people who are intellectually impaired?
Comment from : MaFd0n

First of all, if you are gambling and you've gotta get change for a nickel – it's over.
Comment from : luminor007

Lets play Indie Games Channel
legal scam houses
Comment from : Lets play Indie Games Channel

aanathan perumal
wish casino pay maoney india god pay
Comment from : aanathan perumal

Doctor PC
When you win money at a casino, it's not their money - it's always someone's else's!
Comment from : Doctor PC

Thank You
Casinos are the biggest cheaters, I still don't know how in a supposedly civilized society we allow such corporations to exploit the stupid masses of idiots out there. Oh that's right, the same way governments and banks do. Just as long as they are the only ones doing it, don't you dare try to do the same thing, you will be put in prison if you run a scam like these people. But somehow they are above the law and allowed to do it.
Comment from : Thank You

How to get 'free drinks' , just tip the server $5 - $10... So you get free drinks by paying for them?
Comment from : brainiac515

When I lose big at casino, I take out my frustrations by pounding a hooker in the ass anally for 2 hours.
Comment from : You1TubeExaminer

Click bait to the max
Comment from : M D

Dan Calestini
Fuck all this your either a good gambler or not with lots of luck and knowledge depending on the game you play you will win I like keno it's hard to find in Vegas but in Reno it's everywhere and I'm not talking machines live keno 6 weeks ago I played multiple 4 and 5 spots I played the 1.50 special and on my first draw I hit my 4 spot and my 5 spot for 1,830 I love keno worst odds best payoffs 🇺🇸🍺👍😜
Comment from : Dan Calestini

Best advise for a person concerning the casino...DON'T GO!
Comment from : RumbleHD

Dinesh Annevoina
This video makes is a cheater?
Comment from : Dinesh Annevoina

No.. we know about all these things, but we still go lol
Comment from : officialghetty

Yohohoho Wkclooh
i bet most of the people watching these are maybe casino employees (just here to read comments) and some are already casino losers (they want to think casino was cheating on them) .... hilarious hahahaha
Comment from : Yohohoho Wkclooh

Hu Gries
i like daxbasecontest.com
Comment from : Hu Gries

NoturAvg Dude
Just got to know when to take your winnings. Went gambling with my friends and won 300 with only 50 dollars and I just stopped playing, while my friends were losing hundreds.
Comment from : NoturAvg Dude

Terry Knights
What a horrible voice and a complete crock of shit for the first two minutes , can't bear to hear any more !
Comment from : Terry Knights

mr bad example
i play penny slots, tip $1 for the drinks and say thank you. i always bring cash on my trip and never touch an ATM, so i know what i got and know when to stop. 1/3 of the time i come home ahead, 1/3 even and 1/3 short, never broke.
Comment from : mr bad example

All casino games have a built-in advantage in favor of the house. Blackjack makes you hit before the dealer, meaning you can lose even if the dealer busts. Craps is based around not rolling a 7, the most common dice combination from 2 dice. Roulette makes money off of the green 0 and 00, two bets that are neither red or black, odd or even.
This margins are very thin. Blackjack has a 0.5% to 1.5% house edge, depending on the variation, but statistics don't lie, and they're content with those odds all day.

Comment from : Jabo

Ll Cooljay
Ive been in tons of casinos and have never had a "maze" or "labyrinth" inside. I grew up in Atlantic City and went in casinos all the time and its the easiest thing in the world to find the exit
Comment from : Ll Cooljay

Yoel Moskowitz
When you take a rest in middle the video check out today deals & save money!

Comment from : Yoel Moskowitz

Ray Rut
That’s good to know
Comment from : Ray Rut

This is some of the funniest things I have ever heard. Common sense and letting everyone know, DO NOT GO TO A CASINO TO WIN MONEY...Go to have fun...I am currently a dealer/floorman of table games. We do not have any special ways to help someone win or lose or else we would make people win a lot while we deal since we work of tips. When I was a Pit Sup (Boss/Manager) there were no special tricks or hidden things behind the scene to make you lose or anything of the sort. If any casinos were to do that to guests they would be out of business in a heartbeat since that would be highly illegal.
Comment from : herovit

Anybody know what type of wallet is at 1:17? Please do reply if you do.
Comment from : PROKILL84

joe stephens
Einstein theorized that in order to beat a Casino, you need an infinite amount of time and money.
Comment from : joe stephens

What a bunch of fully useless info.
Comment from : wimpow

this is exactly why casinos are rigged and never to be trusted. I don't understand why people even gamble in casinos tbh...I just don't get it...there's plenty of credible sources pointing out casinos are rigged.
Comment from : fthis1234567

Casino's penalize you for actually knowing how to count cards, which is asinine. That's like penalizing someone at chess because they know how to use the knights. They're a scam.
Comment from : Wooten

jd vlog
Casino doing cheating sometimes same number coming 5 times how that would be possible because they can handle the roulette that's why . Simply stop gambling.
Comment from : jd vlog

jd vlog
If you want to successful in life stop to going casino. The money you giving casino buy some thing and sell for more money that's better to have some something extra there are no chance to loose money when you buy something and sell for more money . Use this trick to make money .
Comment from : jd vlog

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