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신기하네요~ 안에 촬영이 금지됬나보죠?
Comment from : 조회수9988만회

The King
Looks like same carpet manufacture provides the stuff for Vegas and Macau.
Comment from : The King

Born Roller
Thank you for sharing. Did you see a sports book there and was it English Speaking friendly? How much more action is there in Studio City Casino where you were compared to a major casino in Las Vegas for sports like tennis 🎾 and 🤼‍♂️ mma? Thanks in advance for answering those two questions.
Comment from : Born Roller

Macau casino has many pretty young Chinese gamblers. Usually the rich gals are playing RMB30k - 100k each day, these are usually arrogant and cold..... the poorer pretty girls there will be playing small, but watch out for these. They will be very friendly to you, if you chat with them, they are extremely friendly. THen they will tell you this other table has very good pattern, and will proceed to COACH you and very strongly recommending that you bet banker on the next one. If you win a few hands under their "guidance", they will want a COMMISSION or split of profit. If you lose from their recommendation of course they will tell you it;s just bad luck or "bad casino". Another thing they will ALL tell you is "I have this friend, I gave him RMB20,000 the last time and he won RMB100,000 for me. He knows how to play. If you're losing, you should go take out RMB25,000.. I can ask him to win for you" .....THey just want to gamble...with your money. I have heard this same story from at least 8 - 10 different China girls. This is why Macau is associated with scams.
Comment from : BDParadigm

Koua Vang
The guy recording this is somewhere in north Korea plantation doing hard labor
Comment from : Koua Vang

What type of camera did you use for this?
Comment from : Spitz

rizki kiki
What will happen if the security officer seeing you record this?
Comment from : rizki kiki

cyril john
I had been to one of the casinos in Macao around 2011 with my dad. I had absolutely no idea that you aren't allowed to take pictures in the main gambling area. I just clicked a couple and was looking around until one of the guys dealing the cards signalled me with his hands that you aren't allowed to click pics. Hehe. The casinos look pretty cool from the inside and out. Macau is quiet a fun place to be. Peace.
Comment from : cyril john

Jim L
Coming in happy, going out sad:)
Comment from : Jim L

Video made me dizzy...
Comment from : anonomous63

Din Jamal
Blackjack won 10k
Comment from : Din Jamal

Jett Rink
Hey is this Isle of Capri in Kansas City?
Comment from : Jett Rink

GOOD Job , do you have videos of the exterior. I would like to see outside. Also videos of the island of Macau.
Comment from : MoneyManFernando

are those slots valued based on U.S. dollars?
Comment from : Kenji1432

Baa Sheep
I wanna go there ..
Comment from : Baa Sheep

Luisa Silva
When you go to casinos in Macau. Please don’t give tips to Dealers. Because they can not take any tips. The casino will take their tips.
Comment from : Luisa Silva

Psywa St.
great video. I'm always curious what it is like inside.
Comment from : Psywa St.

Dr 90210
Looks fantastic. Would have liked to see the tables
Comment from : Dr 90210

very nice footage!
Comment from : MarvelExtra

Milquetoast Eugenicist
Welcome to Macau Casino #1042! Will you be playing Baccarat, Slots or Baccarat? 😂
Comment from : Milquetoast Eugenicist

Neilwin Se
life is gambling....choice the best make your life happy.
Comment from : Neilwin Se

Dillinger Sam
Money 😎

Comment from : Dillinger Sam

Ruby Siliga
Wow this is amazing
Comment from : Ruby Siliga

Lukáš Friedrich
It´s an interesting video. There are normal people in the casino included grennies and granddads. :-D
Comment from : Lukáš Friedrich

Albin Hagman
To be fair, Las Vegas is the Macau of America.
Comment from : Albin Hagman

RuNaWaY TiMeS3939
Im curious if you can do a hidden video at that new casino that just opened April 2017 in South Korea "Paradise City Casino" next to Incheon International Airport, see what slot machines they have in there.
Comment from : RuNaWaY TiMeS3939

Aussie Alba
Just finished watching again, so glad you did this as its a great video of the decor and layout. I thought these 3 were no way near as good as others I went into. The Wynn Palace by far is the best and most luxurious casino there. I went into the Venetian a few times as we stayed there and I got fed up with it.
Comment from : Aussie Alba

Aussie Alba
John at 2.00 there is a single slot at the back next to the walkway. I think thats the longhorn slot you won on as I played it too a few times and won the first time but not again. Am I right if you can remember.
Comment from : Aussie Alba

Bobbi Jones
Very interesting footage -it is shame security is so tight.  I think there is another Video have to look at thanks again
Comment from : Bobbi Jones

Aussie Alba
John thanks for sharing and did you see Dragon spin or Ghostbusters there or other's from Brian Christopher's slot channel?
Comment from : Aussie Alba

Paul in Ireland
You weren't tempted to have a punt while you visited the casinos John?
Comment from : Paul in Ireland

Nice vid! Did you go in the weekend? Looks busy to me...
Comment from : Edwin

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